NCATA's May 29th Meet-Up

05/29/2019 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET


  • Free


Cleveland Park Library
3310 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008
Room Number: Metro: Cleveland Park


Panel Discussion: NGOs, International Organizations, and Government (Part 1)

Description: Learn about working with NGOs, international organizations and the government from translators and interpreters who have worked with them, and from a project manager in an international organization. We will all have a chance to network before the discussion begins, so make sure to bring your business cards! Please send general questions that you would like the panel to answer—make sure all panelists can answer these general questions. If you have a specific question for a particular panelist, please write it down and bring it with you; everyone will get a chance to ask the panel questions. If you cannot attend this panel discussion, don’t worry—we will be having another one on the same topic but with different panelists on June 26th.


Emily Toll is a French<>English-certified freelance interpreter in various fields including medicine, law/courts, international affairs and immigration. She is also a versatile, bilingual manager in two intergovernmental organizations, the United Nations in New York (10 yrs.) and the OECD in Paris (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development - 3 1/2 yrs.) as well as for the diplomatic corps; specifically, the Consular Corps of 88 Consulates in New York City. As a freelance French interpreter, she works in various northern Virginia courts, hospitals and medical settings in the greater Washington area - especially the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She translated and voiced over for NPR French opposition leader Marine Le Pen's interview with Robert Siegel (All Things Considered, Nov. 16, 2015 following Paris attacks; interview attached), has interpreted for senior francophone African leaders and a French government Minister's meeting with a U.S. Government Secretary. She interprets with some regularity at the U.S. Asylum Office for attorneys interviewing or representing francophone asylum seekers, and has a Short Term Consultant contract for English editing with the World Bank.

Niki Clark is the Creative Projects Manager for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the Washington, D.C. delegation. In this capacity, she serves as the editor/host of Intercross the Podcast and manages creative partnerships. She's worked across all areas of the Red Cross movement--with the International Federation (as an emergency communications delegate in Nepal and Tanzania), with a National Society (in International Communications with the American Red Cross) and now with the ICRC. During that time she's worked with numerous translators as she's interviewed people around the world. She graduated from Southern Methodist with a BA in Print Journalism and minors in photography and Spanish and went to art school in both London and Portland, Oregon. She is currently pursuing a certification in audio engineering and music production.

Sim Smiley is currently a freelance French and Italian conference interpreter (simultaneous and consecutive), and some of her principal clients include the U.S. State Department, the Courts, and the World Bank. She is a former staff Diplomatic interpreter for State and as such had many assignments with 4 US Presidents and Cabinet members. Some of her recent assignments include: a phone interview with former PM Manuel Valls from France; the First Lady’s presentation of the International Women of Courage Award; a UN Multilateral on Syria for the UNGA72; a White House Press Conference with the Italian PM and the US President; roundtable discussions with the President from the Central African Republic at the US Institute of Peace; and the AGOA Annual Meeting. She also works as an independent historical researcher at the National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, MD. She specializes in the OSS, European Resistance Movements, the Holocaust, the State Department, the FBI, Military Operations, the Cold War and contemporary history.

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