Chinese>English: How to Avoid the ATA's 24 Categories of Error

04/25/2019 05:30 PM - 07:30 PM ET


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Library Express
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How can candidates demonstrate professional proficiency when working across the wide chasm which yawns between Chinese and U.S. English? Focusing on structural challenges in our Chinese-to-English pair, Doug will review specific translation “bloopers,” discussing topics including explicit subordination, appropriate anaphora, and other forms of “sentence surgery.” As time and questions permit, Doug may discuss common errors on lesser points such as sentence punctuation, dates/ numbers, placement of adverbs, Omissions, Additions, Syntax, etc. Although drawing on Chinese-to-English examples, this talk, in English, should interest Chinese translators in either direction at the mid-to-senior level, and those working with other East Asian languages.

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